Great people. Great performance.

Great people. Great performance.

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  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Consumer
  • Technology
  • Automotive & Industrial
  • Professional Services
  • Function
  • Talent as a Service

Banking & Financial Services

Hudson has extensive recruitment experience in the financial services for many years, including primary and secondary markets, insurance, wealth management, Internet finance and commercial banking.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Hudson has been extending great efforts for a long time in the healthcare sector and has profound accumulation in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment, manufacturing and quality, digitalization and innovation, and private hospitals.

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Hudson is adept at recruitment of consumer goods sector, and has built up a team with in-depth industrial insights and extensive connections in retail and luxury goods, personal care, home cleaning, food and beverage, entertainment, and gaming industries.

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Hudson has been focusing on the recruitment in the technology sector, with extensive project delivery experience in digitalization, big data, cloud computing infrastructure, information security, algorithms, and technical development,etc.

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Automotive & Industrial

Hudson is a long-term talent partner for clients in the automotive and industrial fields, with extensive experience in industrial, chemical engineering, automotive (autonomous driving , smart cockpit, electronic and electrical architecture) and technology and operations.

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Professional Services

Hudson is a recruitment specialist in professional services and we are skilled in industries such as education, gaming, advertising, consulting, entertainment, etc.

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The functional recruitment of Hudson covers finance and accounting, human resources, information technology, legal and compliance, sales and marketing, supply chain and procurement, technology and operation and other fields.

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Talent as a Service

Hudson's Talent as a Service (TaaS) business provides tailor-made and flexible talent service and on demand solutions to create value for our clients. Also, we help our clients to deal with their challenges, shorten delivery tie on talent searches, reduce costs and boost flexibility.

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