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Data Scientist

Provide technical support to Analytics Development managers on individual analytics projects  Collaborate with IT to enhance enterprise data warehouse by capturing, ingesting, integrating new data under appropriate data governance model  Develop and enhance BI (business intelligence) solutions that leverag...
Shanghai, 上海

BI Manager

1 Proactively understand and engage in business operations and process optimization, identify unmet business requirements and provide professional IT consultancy and solutions. 2 Solve business issue or meet business needs through IT solution and tools. 3 Project management to ensure project delivery (i.e. BI,...
Shanghai, 上海

Data Engineer

Fully proficient in Spark, Hive, data transformation. Experience with Cloud Computing and Hadoop. Experience with database modeling. Experience with cloud computer performance fine tuning. Communication and cross functional collaboration capabilities. Proficiency in Python and PySpark. Problem Solving skills and B...
Shanghai, 上海

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