Identify Leaders

Make your talent identification & succession planning process bulletproof with an evidence-based approach.

Having the right succession plan is critical to future proof your organisation.

But many take a subjective approach to identifying the potential of their people. In some cases, “gut feeling” or unconscious bias from an influential manager can make or break your future leadership pipeline.

Getting those succession planning and talent decisions wrong can lead to unsuitable individuals identified and developed as future leaders, jeopardising the very foundation of your succession planning. This leaves talented employees disengaged and forced to fulfil their potential in other organisations.

Discover your talent the right way

To identify and map your talent, we use a combination of tools and methodologies that provide you with the insights to make sound, data-driven decisions around your leadership potential.

Step 1


A series of interviews, 360 degree feedback and other bespoke surveys provide insights about current performance

Step 2


A combination of cognitive ability tests, psychometric assessments and simulation exercises give you insights into leadership potential and capability

Step 3


We also measure potential leadership derailers, risks or pitfalls that could prevent someone reaching their full leadership potential.

Step 4


Our interactive talent dashboards visually map every individual to provide you with powerful data-driven insights

Leadership capability assessments

360-degree feedback surveys

A feedback culture brings a host of benefits to your organisation, and 360-degree feedback surveys are one way to build this culture. But more importantly for your leadership, the surveys assist your current and future leaders to improve self-awareness and performance by giving them access to objective feedback from a range of stakeholders.

Our proven surveys can be tailored to your needs, or we can work with you to design and deliver customised survey tools aligned with your culture and capability framework.

Behavioural interviews

Behavioural interviews aim to help you to predict future performance by studying past behaviour. Importantly, behavioural interviews provide your leaders with the opportunity to bring the richness of their leadership experiences into consideration.

Other bespoke questionnaires

Hudson designs and administers a range of bespoke 'know how' questionnaires to gather data on additional factors. These include surveys to assess the range of critical leadership experiences individuals may have had exposure to, as well as the relative complexity of roles previously held. This data provides further performance insights about your staff supporting talent identification.

Leadership potential assessments

Our online assessments identify the leadership potential of your talent using Hudson’s Leadership Model.
These assessments can also be mapped to your organisation’s own leadership framework.



Creates a Compelling Vision + Has Mental Flexibility


Makes Decisions + Manages Change & Uncertainty


Inspires a Sense of Purpose + Unleashes Potential & Talent


Shows Social Intelligence


Curious to Learn + Driven by Ambition

Development centres and business simulation exercises

Development centres provide a safe environment for your leaders to discover more about themselves and their leadership capabilities by giving them specific feedback from an expert coach in a focused situation. Combined with online assessments, development centres and interactive business simulation exercises provide in-depth insight and a highly personalised experience for key talent or high potentials. Some of the various simulation exercises include:

•   Performance coaching role plays    •   Stakeholder management role plays    •   Group exercises    •   Strategic presentation exercises

Derailer risk measurement

Assessing performance and potential is not enough to effectively predict future success in a role. It is also important to include possible derailers, risks or pitfalls which may cause leaders to fail to reach their potential.

Blending a wide range of academic research and our own expertise, our assessments accurately measure five common traits that may “derail” your leadership succession plan.



The Renegade



The Bulldozer



The Micromanager



The People Pleaser



The Ego

Discover your emerging leaders

Hudson’s tools and methodologies will provide you with insights to make objective data-based decisions around your talent and leaders.

Contact our specialist team today to find out how we can help you start building or developing your succession planning and leadership development processes.