Della Niu

Regional Director,

About Me

Della Niu has gained experiences in supply chain and procurement in a SOE of FORTUNE 500 prior to joining Hudson. Della’s specialized industrial knowledge and career background offer Della an acute perspective to seize information from clients and further understand their needs profoundly to support them with different problems in different career phases and situations.

Outside of hard work, Della also enjoys a very broad range of interests including movies, theatres, Chinese Comedies or even spending some quality time just with herself, but what gives greater happiness to Della is to enjoy delicious foods with families and friends.

Experience & Achievements

The process of placing the right candidate to the right position provides a great sense of success to Della, not only because this empowers candidates to accomplish more but also it is a stronger drive and enhancement to the business development for clients. Taking a leap of faith, Della and her team are nominated and rewarded for Best People Leader of Asia, Rising Star of Asia and Top Biller of Asia across these years. In the past 3 years, with strong leadership of Della, the Beijing office has been seeing an amazing increase in terms of service quality, business growth and talent acquisitions.


As a member of the Hudson Asia senior management team, Della’s responsibilities are not limited to corporate management but she has also been working as a trustworthy recruitment consultant. In high-end recruitment areas, Della has a proven track record in a range of markets and practices including Sales & Marketing, Government Affairs, HLS, and Tech & Operations. In the future, Della will continue to dedicate herself to provide recruitment services to corporate leaders especially female leaders to even exciting career achievements!

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