5 items that shouldn’t appear in your resume

by Hudson

1. Negative information

Even if your previous job was very unpleasant and you met a very picky manager, you should not say bad things about your employer in your resume (or in an interview), this will only leave you a negative impression. Remember, this is a document that promotes you and your talents, so you must make sure your resume is positive. If you need to explain why your previous client does not want to write you a recommendation letter, you can explain it in person when you are lucky enough to enter the interview.

2. Irrelevant work experience

Which work experience to include in your resume should be carefully considered. Depending on your career stage, some early work experience may not need to be listed, because it may cause the recruiter to ignore your more targeted work experience. Promote yourself and your experience as perfectly as possible, and make sure your resume is clear, concise, and up to date.

3. Photos that damage the image

Depending on the industry and location you work in, you can add a photo to your resume, but be sure to choose a great photo—high resolution and a professional-looking recent photo (from your last vacation photos) The scanned coarse-grained image cannot leave you a good impression). In order to highlight your temperament, you can take a professional head close-up and use it in your LinkedIn and other social media profiles. This will also allow you to maintain a consistent online image.

4. The email address you currently use at work

When applying for a job, you should apply for a brand new and professional email address. This is much better than using the email address of your current company, because if someone sees an email about interviews and job opportunities, it will definitely cause unnecessary trouble. . You can even purchase a domain name registered with your real name, which can also enhance your personal image.

5. Career goals

Under normal circumstances, there is actually no need to fill in career goals, because the job opportunities you are applying for can be reflected. If you want to add personality-related content to your resume, you can write a short personal introduction to talk about your interests and hobbies.