Hudson forms partnership with PredictiveHire

Talent solutions company Hudson has made an investment in and entered into a partnership with PredictiveHire to develop and scale new predictive tools for recruitment. PredictiveHire is a Melbourne-based startup that brings a unique alchemy of behavioural science with machine learning algorithms to help companies across the world make candidate selection smarter, faster and fairer.

Hudson will explore how it can embed PredictiveHire’s assessments into its candidate selection process and use these insights to improve hiring outcomes for clients.

PredictiveHire is unique in the industry with its marketplace of predictive models built from tracking how employees perform in a role, enabling it to identify with 88% accuracy whether a candidate will be successful in the role.

Mark Steyn, CEO, Hudson, said: “We are excited about the potential of this new partnership to help our clients make better hiring decisions. As a talent solutions business, we are passionate about discovering talent that is a great “fit” for our clients. People who will stay and perform.

PredictiveHire has a highly advanced data and intelligence platform that helps companies hire faster and better, as well as delivering a great candidate experience. Using performance data to predict the future performance of a candidate is a revolution in recruitment, and PredictiveHire’s customers are seeing the impact in their business performance.”

Barb Hyman, CEO, PredictiveHire, said: “This partnership is a key step in our mission to empower organisations to reinvigorate their approach to hiring and eliminate unconscious bias from their recruitment process.”

“Recruitment is one of the biggest costs in business. Every organisation wants to recruit the best people, who will stay longer in the role and excel. It no longer needs to be a guessing game. Our unique products, powered by data science, solves this problem,” she said.

About Hudson
Hudson is a talent solutions company with expertise in leadership and specialised recruitment, talent management and contracting solutions. We help clients and candidates succeed by leveraging our expertise, deep industry and market knowledge, and assessment tools and techniques. Through relationships with specialised professionals, we bring an unparalleled ability to match talent with opportunities by assessing, recruiting, developing and engaging the best and brightest people for our clients. We combine broad geographic presence across Asia Pacific, world-class talent solutions and a tailored, consultative approach to help businesses and professionals achieve higher performance and outstanding results.

About PredictiveHire
PredictiveHire is a team of data scientists, artificial intelligence experts, IO psychologists and recruitment industry veterans who’ve joined together on a mission to change the way candidate assessment is done, by leveraging the power of smart technology. PredictiveHire believes all people decisions should be based on data and analytics – not gut feeling. By using technology to level the candidate playing field, PredictiveHire looks to reduce unconscious biases in the hiring process. PredictiveHire has offices in the US, UK and Australia.

Issue date: 02/14/2019