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Performance Management

Performance Management trains managers on how to track and improve team performance

Holding effective Performance Management conversations with employees is crucial to supporting individual development and motivation, as well as for ensuring the achievement of organisational objectives.

Hudson’s Performance Management workshops provide targeted coaching around how to have successful performance management conversations, developing the skills managers need in order to foster high performing teams.

The objective of our workshops is to provide participants with the knowledge and techniques to help unleash the full potential of their employees, enhancing the following skills:

  • Facilitating effective performance conversations
  • Conducting competency assessment
  • Setting and reviewing performance objectives
  • Aiding employee learning and development

Objectives of our Performance Management Workshops

Hudson’s Performance Management workshops are ideal for business leaders, managers, team leaders and even individuals aspiring to a management role. The objectives of these workshops are:

  • To provide individuals with an understanding of best practice Performance Management
  • To bring the Performance Management process to life using practical activities, exercises, videos, research and examples of best practice documentation such as performance evaluations and development plans
  • To enable individuals to develop the necessary soft skills to provide effective feedback and to conduct effective performance conversations
  • To enable managers to have an ‘Annual Performance Management’ conversation in an inspiring and engaging manner, which will increase the effectiveness of the process and help lift employee performance and development
  • To enable managers to accurately identify development needs and solutions which will help optimise employee performance

Gaining 'Buy-in' from Employees

Having an effective strategy to communicate the benefits of performance management to employees is critical to any organisation’s continued success. Employees are far more likely to ‘buy-in’ to the process when they understand what is to be gained from their perspective, including:

  • Security in knowing they are performing the job aligned to expectations
  • A clear understanding of the corresponding rewards or consequences
  • A framework for gauging their own performance
  • Regular conversations with their manager to support the improvement of their skills and performance
  • Knowledge that they have the ability to determine their own success by following the performance plan their employer has set in place

Benefits at a Glance

Hudson’s Performance Management workshops are an invaluable resource for major organisations and boast numerous benefits, including allowing you to:

  • Improve motivation for individuals and teams
  • Set clear expectations, thereby encouraging individuals and teams to take greater ownership of their performance
  • Encourage individual team members to contribute to team effectiveness
  • Stretch individual members’ capabilities and challenge them to step outside their comfort zone
  • Develop a solid, well-formed performance management process that gives you a powerful tool for addressing performance issues, should they arise

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