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Job Analysis

Job Analysis or Role Profiling is the best means of aligning individual role activity and outputs with business objectives

Clearly defined roles are essential for an organisation to remain efficient and effective. As an organisation changes, roles also need to be adapted to meet new demands, so maintaining role clarity – on the part of both employer and employee – is a constant challenge.

Hudson's Job Analysis methodology is used to profile roles in a host of situations – newly created positions, high turnover roles, specialist roles, restructures, mergers, recruitment drives, and internal assessment and development programs.

The Process of Profiling

Whether you want to create the profile for a single position or for an entire team, business unit or organisation, Hudson has the expertise and tools to effectively achieve your corporate goals, including:

  • Role Mapping and Analysis

    Hudson uses a top-down process to identify and prioritise different work functions and role types. We look at your organisation’s objectives, functions and measures, then break the functions into tasks that can be assigned to roles. A function might be anything from ‘recruitment’ through to ‘production packaging’ and ‘leadership development’.

    For each role or role type, the outcome is a list of functions, results, tasks and objective performance measures.

  • Competency Profiling

    While specific responsibilities might change on a regular basis, competencies endure, providing a framework to guide how people perform various functions.

    Hudson can work with your existing competencies or help you develop new ones from our competency framework to determine which ones are fundamental to high performance.

  • Realising HR Benefits

    Hudson can assist you to apply the role profiles to drive benefits across the employee life cycle – from better attraction and selection processes to enhanced employee management and development.

Why Individuals and Organisations Need Profiling

Profiling ensures individuals perform better, which has a major and positive impact on the bigger picture:

  • Individuals – a definitive role profile increases focus and clarity and reduces ambiguity around good performance. A position description clearly sets out the required functions, key result areas and tasks, as well as how performance measurement will happen. It should also set out the required competencies for the role and future roles to aid proactive development.
  • Organisations – having a concise business unit or team role map provides a framework for efficient and effective management. It sets out the distribution of responsibility and articulates who is required to perform, oversee and consult on specific tasks, as well as providing clarity on how success will be measured.

Benefits at a Glance

Hudson's Job Analysis offering is an invaluable resource for organisations and boasts numerous benefits, allowing your business to:

  • Be transparent about job-related information such as tasks, responsibilities, duties, risks and hazards
  • Define and create an effective job description outlining what qualities and requirements are needed
  • Vastly reduce the risks associated with hiring new staff or promoting internally
  • Perform evaluation and appraisal processes and compare the standard of desired output with delivered or actual output
  • Deliver appropriate training by identifying ‘gaps’ in skills and knowledge in relation to roles

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