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Hudson's Leadership Model

The Hudson Leadership Model: A New Global Model

The Hudson Leadership Model is based on a comprehensive review of leadership theory and principles by our registered psychologists across the globe, supported by our world class research and development centre based in Belgium.

Hudson Leadership Model

A new model of leadership, it is based on an evolution of ideas emerging from the long history of leadership models rather than on any single theory or movement that may have been popular at a certain point in time or place. It is designed specifically to focus on what is required of leaders in today’s uncertain business environment and is underpinned by our own empirical research and global consulting experience.

Our view of leadership focuses on five key elements of leadership – Vision, Action, Impact, Connection and Drive – each brought to life in specific behaviours while the context in which a business operates is the defining factor in how these behaviours emerge. Performance, potential and derailers can all be looked at through this leadership model to deliver actionable insights.

The Hudson Leadership model also evolves the traditional understanding of who is a leader. In today’s business environment, employees at all levels are expected to lead: where previously members at different levels of an organisation were characterised as managers, Hudson has redefined the concept of where leadership occurs, from leading the self to leading the organisation. Too often, organisations focus only on the minority who lead the organisation or divisions, while neglecting those with a much greater day-to-day impact on driving business outcomes.

Hudson Leadership Model

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