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Hudson 2015 Leadership Survey Results

HR Leaders Reveal Top People Priorities for 2016

People priorities shift for 2016

Our latest research, The Hudson Leadership Survey 2015, asked HR business leaders in China to rank their people priorities for 2015, and again for 2016.

When comparing top people priorities for 2015 and 2016 respectively, a striking shift emerges. Where retention was 2015’s number one people priority, 2016 sees learning & development take its place, with retention dropping to fourth place.

“Considering that the number two priority for 2016 is leadership development, I would expect to see a strong focus on identifying, assessing and developing leadership capability in the China business space in 2016,” said Ms Laura Shen, Director for Hudson Talent Management.

Leadership and development a key priority

By investing in developing leadership talent, businesses are preparing to take advantage of the opportunities and existing potential in their organizations.

HR business leaders top people priorities

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