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Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs Attract Future Leaders

Large and successful organisations are always in the sights of university graduates. Successful graduate programs select only those candidates who have the right combination of skills, capability and motivation, who are most likely to fit your company’s culture and realise their potential for growth.

Hudson’s Graduate Programs focus on helping organisations source, screen and select candidates with the capacity to become future leaders and the potential to grow and develop within their organisation. Graduate Programs also ensure your organisation is positioned as a destination of choice for graduates.

Our understanding of this specialist market and the challenges involved in assessing graduates is the result of many years of experience, coupled with our application of attraction, assessment and development methodologies, customised to unique client needs.

End-to-end or tailored programs

Hudson can partner with your organisation to develop an end-to-end Graduate Program or simply assist with individual stages of your process. Hudson has extensive experience in delivering:

  • Consultation on Employment Value Proposition
  • Consultation on Employment Brand Communication
  • Development of creative and effective attraction strategies
  • Management of on-campus and off-campus sourcing activities
  • Selection, customisation and implementation of third-party software systems to manage the end-to-end process
  • Design and implementation of customised assessment centres or alternative graduate assessment processes
  • Management of the graduate application process
  • Management of the resume and telephone screening process
  • Management of the psychometric testing process, including cognitive and behavioural style assessments
  • Logistical arrangements including facilities and support associated with managing assessment centres anywhere in China
  • Management of the short-listing process and 2nd round interviews
  • Management of probity checking processes, including reference checking, qualifications checking, police and credit checks
  • Management of the graduate on-boarding process
  • Design and management of the graduate rotational program
  • Training to provide managers with the coaching skills to develop graduates effectively

Benefits at a Glance

Graduate Programs not only help you recruit a pool of relevant and qualified talent for today’s roles, they also target those high potential candidates who will grow into key positions within your organisation and embrace the challenges of tomorrow.

Hudson's Graduate Programs are an invaluable resource for major organisations and boast numerous benefits, including:

  • Identification of graduates with the right combination of skills, capability and motivation, who fit your company’s culture and have potential for growth and leadership
  • Targeting those graduates who will lead your organisation into the future
  • Providing insights into the strengths and development requirements of your graduate pool
  • Greater integration and retention of graduates
  • Strengthening your employment brand in the graduate market

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