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Executive Career Management

Executive Career Management for highly qualified senior professionals is challenging at the best of times, but it need not be

For most senior executives the job search process is likely to be lengthy and complex - depending on the role and market conditions. For these reasons they need to walk a different path than others, facing challenges unique to their seniority.

Hudson's Executive Career Management services help senior executives navigate the complex and fiercely competitive world in which they operate. Most senior executives who experience guided career positioning look back on the time as highly productive, challenging and rewarding.

Turning a negative into a positive

Retrenchment can mean a significant change in a senior executive's life. Professionally managing change transforms a potentially dispiriting experience into a positive platform for future performance and career progression.

Organisations that offer senior executives Hudson's Executive Career Management service provide their executives with a highly effective and proven path to the future, preserving their dignity and protecting the morale and discipline of the organisation.

Who uses Hudson's Executive Career Management services?

Our services are tailored and address the concerns, issues and challenges being faced today by organisations and individuals. Those using these services include:

  • Organisations undergoing restructuring and needing to outplace senior executives
  • Senior executives who feel their career has gone off course or stagnated, and are looking for a new challenge
  • Senior executives who feel they have been 'pigeonholed' by employers or recruiters and believe their current skills, experience and abilities are being overlooked

Benefits at a glance

Hudson's Executive Career Management services are an invaluable resource for major organisations and boast numerous benefits, including:

  • Access to senior career coaches who have worked at similar levels
  • Specialist consultants working closely with each executive, critically appraising capabilities and options, before developing a strategy and tailoring an action plan to maximise individual advantage
  • A pragmatic approach to the job search process so that participants are placed in the right job at a level equal to or higher than previously held
  • Access to fully furnished offices in purpose-built facilities with technology support
  • Strengthening your organisation's image both internally and externally as caring and responsible
  • Protecting your brand and reversing any negative publicity or perceptions of departing senior executives, while also promoting your organisation as a caring corporate citizen

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