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Employee Survey

An employee survey helps reveal critical insight into the sentiment and opinions of your workforce at a point in time

The overall level of employee satisfaction within an organisation is key to maintaining a happy and productive workforce. Knowing the opinions and thoughts of your employees allows organisations to drive targeted retention strategies, increase employee sentiment and deepen the psychological contract between employees and the organisation.

Hudson's Employee Surveys measure employee satisfaction and provide a pulse check on the situation, environment and sentiment of your workforce at a given point in time. Hudson works with organisations to develop surveys that are aimed at understanding:

  • Your unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • The Opinion and Sentiment of your current employees
  • The views of Exiting employees

Why is the EVP so important?

Hudson's Employee Value Proposition Survey not only gains insight into the level of effectiveness the organisation is delivering on the various EVP factors, it also provides insight into the importance of each of these factors to the employees. Surveys are based on an 8 factor model of the EVP which summarises what the organisation promises its employees and ultimately how it attracts an employee to the company.

When an organisation is not only effectively delivering on all aspects of the EVP, but also delivering on key areas which are deemed as crucial by employees, the greatest level of employee satisfaction is achieved.

What are Hudson's Survey Solutions?

  • 360-degree Feedback Survey

  • Forms the basis of an individual feedback and development program
  • Solicits feedback from an array of professional stakeholders, e.g. manager, direct reports, peers, internal/external stakeholders
  • Employee Opinion Survey

  • Seeks specific information from workforce to gauge employee sentiment on areas of interest to the organisation
  • Exit Survey

  • Captures feedback from those exiting an organisation
  • Assists with retention initiatives for remaining workforce

Hudson's Approach

Whether a survey is implemented for existing or exiting staff, Hudson is able to provide both fully tailored solutions based on client requirements or semi-tailored solutions using Hudson’s owned tools and methodologies.

Our surveys provide:

  • Valuable information gained from receiving open and honest feedback both from those exiting and those remaining in an organisation
  • Safe, anonymous forum to give feedback
  • Insight into areas that could be addressed to increase engagement and retention
  • Development and refinement of employee benefits and programs
  • Opportunities for an organisation to develop a deeper understanding of areas of employee satisfaction / dissatisfaction

Benefits at a Glance

Hudson's Employee Surveys are an invaluable resource for major organisations and boast numerous benefits, including allowing you to:

  • Recognise the level of satisfaction within your workforce
  • Broadly understand your organisation's effectiveness in meeting and delivering on employee expectations
  • Identify gaps in the different areas of your business
  • Measure the success of initiatives
  • Create a culture of open communication and honest feedback
  • Increase awareness of drivers and your organisation’s effectiveness in meeting your employees' needs

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