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Development Centres

Hudson’s Development Centres enable organisations to provide targeted support and gain the maximum return from their training investment

Hudson’s Development Centres are underpinned by our best practice assessment methodologies and tools. We adopt a highly objective and rigorous approach to determining the development and training needs of employees.

Hudson's Development Centres are comprised of a variety of simulation exercises and scientifically developed psychometric tests, all measured against the competencies defined as pertinent to the individual’s role. Participants are given the opportunity to showcase who they are, including their style, motivation, capability and potential. Through analysis of the results they are then able to obtain insight into their strengths and weaknesses in order to create a personal development plan. This investment can strengthen the relationship of your employees with your organisation, creating a long-term partnership and successful realisation of individual potential.

Impartial Evaluations from Certified Assessors

Our Research and Development team uses a competency-based approach combining multiple assessment methodologies. These methodologies help reveal insights into employee motivation which are strong predictors of future behaviour, performance and potential.

Objectivity is critical for accurate assessments, and therefore we offer only certified assessors to conduct every assessment in order to ensure impartial and consistent evaluations.

Benefits at a Glance

Hudson's Development Centres are an invaluable resource boasting numerous benefits which include allowing you to:

  • Enhance the particular strengths that drive success
  • Support the improvement of behaviours that presently impede performance
  • Increase productivity across all employees, regardless of department or function
  • Manage succession within your organisation
  • Strengthen your leadership pipeline
  • Clarify how individuals achieve their results
  • Evaluate new hires for potential competency gaps
  • Confidently plan the transition of talent across career paths within your organisation

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