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Developing High Potential Leaders


Hudson’s High Potentials program identifies employees within your organisation with the potential to move up to the next level or become a future leader. Using our Leadership Blueprint, we measure individuals’ current performance, leadership potential and possible derailers.

Benefits at a Glance

Hudson’s High Potential programs are an invaluable resource boasting numerous benefits, including allowing you to:

  • Identify your succession and leadership pipeline
  • Increase engagement levels of your most valuable employees
  • Retain talent and reduce turnover risk
  • Support continuous achievement of your business objectives
  • Ensure your organisation has the intellectual property, human resources and talent to cope with future needs, including growth and attrition

Who this program is for

Potentially everyone in your organisation, from individual contributors to current leaders at all levels:

  • Individual contributors – identify those who are ready to take on a leadership role in your business, i.e. emerging leaders
  • Current leaders – identify those who may be ready to step up to the next level of leadership in your organisation (e.g. progress from ‘leading others’ to ‘leading managers’, or from ‘leading managers’ to ‘leading divisions’, etc)

Hudson Leadership Model

How it works

Hudson’s High Potentials program is unique in offering a 3D perspective on your talent. We assess each individual on three dimensions: performance, potential and derailers, all considered within the specific context of your organisation.

Assessing current employee performance within a specific job and context has always been a standard approach to evaluating an employee’s contribution. Our High Potentials program also focuses on an employee’s potential; in other words, on how that employee will perform in more complex roles in the future if they take advantage of all the developmental opportunities offered to them.

Our years of experience have shown that assessing only for performance and potential is not enough to effectively predict future success in a role – so we have added a third important and unique element when assessing potential leaders: potential derailers, risks or pitfalls. As people move into more senior roles, they will be placed under increasing pressure to work harder and deliver faster. Under such conditions, individuals can find it difficult to control their more extreme preferences, and run the risk of derailment – and this is something that needs to be assessed when evaluating high potentials.

High Potential Context

Measuring performance

A large percentage of high potentials are also high performers – but not all high performers are high potentials. Current performance can act as a gateway to assessing leadership potential, or potential can be assessed at the same time as performance to ensure that all individuals – not just high performers – are assessed for their leadership potential.

Performance can be assessed in a number of ways, most typically by how someone performs against KPIs (or other predefined criteria) and current role competencies. Other methods include 360-degree feedback, business simulation exercises and competency-based interviews (at level).

Measuring potential and derailers

Leadership potential can be assessed against Hudson’s evidence-based Leadership Model. Our view of leadership focuses on five key elements – vision, action, impact, connection and drive – each brought to life in specific behaviours.

A number of different tools can be used to assess leadership potential, including: cognitive ability tests; personality profiles; motivational questionnaires; business simulation exercises; and competency-based interviews (above level). We recommend a combination of different tools to gain the highest level of detail and the most thorough and valid assessment.

Many of the same assessments that are used to measure potential can also be simultaneously used to assess risk of derailment – in particular personality profiles and simulation exercises, as well as 360-degree feedback surveys.

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