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Competency Scan Online – A Hudson Assessment Platform

Access our powerful people analytics tools

Today’s leading organisations are taking a data-driven approach to assessing candidates, in order to enhance talent management capabilities and make informed talent decisions. Our Competency Scan Online is a carefully researched psychological assessment platform that provides access to all Hudson’s online tests and questionnaires.

The Competency Scan Online provides access to the following range of assessments:

  • Personality, motivational drivers and learning styles questionnaires
  • Reasoning ability tests (abstract, numerical and verbal) at four different levels (administration through to executive)
  • Health, safety and environment test
  • Electronic in-tray exercises (Flexible Competency Assessments)

Each set of questionnaires is tailored to different levels, from administrative to executive staff, and the resulting data provides powerful insights into the aptitudes and motivations of potential hires.

Benefits at a Glance

Hudson’s Competency Scan Online is an invaluable resource for major organisations and boasts many benefits, including:

  • A flexible, easy-to-use and highly secure online test platform
  • An efficient, cost-effective assessment solution that can be integrated with your candidate management system
  • A consistent, seamless approach to assessment for selection and development
  • A library of reliable and valid assessments (available in numerous languages)
  • Fully integrated reports that are quick and easy to understand and used to inform selection, development and promotion decisions
  • The ability to develop company or role-specific norm groups that predict performance and potential in context
  • Local account management backed by a global network of Hudson offices
  • Personalised, flexible technical support and state of the art security/data protection mechanisms
  • High quality training and accreditation programs
  • Optional data analytics consultancy services

State of the Art Functionality

User friendly features include:

Cloud-based technology that enables PCs or tablets with online access to become an assessment platform with no need for additional software
Extensive data protection and security

Design features that support an optimal candidate experience (clear instructions, example questions, a progress bar to easily track assessment completion and navigate between questions, help function)

Simple and intuitive administration process, making it easy to set up, track, follow up and report on assessments
Modern, fresh look and feel that can be adapted to your corporate style

Flexible Delivery Options

We provide flexible levels of service delivery, partnership and support to meet differing organisational needs and requirements. Our fully flexible modular assessment solution allows you to choose the modules that suit your needs. See our three service packages outlined below.

Our CSO platform, assessment tools and report formats can be quickly and easily implemented as an 'off-the-shelf' in-house solution with minimal design time and effort, and standard accreditation and ongoing support.
We can work with you to create a more tailored CSO solution. This could include company-specific branding; application integration; customised assessment tools and reports with company-specific norms; comprehensive training and accreditation programs; and extended advice and support.
Managed Solution
If you have specific requirements or need higher touch support, our managed solution will help meet these needs. In addition to including everything in the 'professional' solution, our managed solution offers you the option to accessing our Regional Assessment Delivery team to conduct the test administration process on your behalf, and a range of fully or partially outsourced feedback models.

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