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Competency Framework

A competency framework effectively defines role responsibilities and organisational behaviours

A competency is a set of skills, knowledge, abilities, attributes, experience, personality traits and motivators which has a predictive value towards an individual effectively performing in a job. Competency frameworks provide clarification around the behaviours expected at different levels throughout the organisation.

Hudson's Competency Framework provides an excellent foundation for integrating all HR processes around selection, retention, development and career transition. Many organisations now view competencies as foundational to effective talent management and have classified the competency framework as a strategic imperative. Leading organisations are using competency frameworks to:

  • Recruit and select employees with a strong fit to the role and organisation
  • Set performance expectations and measure contributions objectively
  • Focus employees on what is critical to enhancing their performance and increasing their level of work satisfaction
  • Provide a roadmap for employee development and career planning
  • Identify and assess 'competency gaps' in individuals and groups, thereby providing valuable insights for creating highly targeted development and training initiatives

Introducing the 5 + 1 Competency Model ®

Hudson's most commonly used tool in the development of competency frameworks is the 5+1 Competency Model, which is based on an extensive study of over 100 competency models from international companies and from leading research in Human Resources.

Our 5+1 model combines:

  • 5 generic clusters of competencies
  • 1 cluster of company-specific technical competencies

The clusters included in the competency model are:

Steps to Hiring Success

Hudson's Methodology

Designed to be flexible, Hudson's 5+1 Competency Model® can be applied to different roles within an organisation in order to create a customised success profile. In turn, candidates can be assessed and evaluated against the model, ensuring an efficient and effective selection process.

Hudson maintains a focus on involving the client when developing the competency framework in order to obtain the most accurate and organisation-specific information throughout the design and build stages. This is generally done in the form of focus groups and a final key stakeholder review. The output should be a fully functional and tailored competency framework that reflects the unique culture and environment of our client.

Benefits at a Glance

Hudson's Competency Framework is an invaluable resource for organisations and boasts numerous benefits, allowing your business to:

  • Define what is required of employees to perform successfully
  • Improve and tailor interview and assessment selection processes
  • Clearly outline performance management requirements
  • Target the development of staff and future leaders
  • Accurately plan your succession management
  • Identify when incumbents are ready to progress to their next role

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