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Career Management

Career Management can help increase an organisation's productivity and lead to greater individual fulfilment and engagement

Achieving increased performance in ever more complex organisations means fully unlocking the potential of your people. However, as every manager knows all too well, this is easier said than done.

Hudson's Career Management services help you drive organisational strategy and performance through engaged and motivated people.

Our career management services give you the ability to effectively communicate career progression to employees. In turn, employees have a clear career path allowing them to structure individual development to progress to their next position. The result is a strong internal talent pool and employees who are committed to their future within your organisation.

Providing motivation and clear direction

Hudson works with organisations to develop a positive and consistent approach to managing careers. This includes designing specialist programs and workshops that aim to raise employee awareness of career opportunities within your business as well as assisting employees to manage their own career by building job search skills. The program should serve to enhance employee satisfaction as well as enhance your standing as an employer of choice.

An employee who has a clear program of development mapped out for them is likely to use that as a motivating factor to excel in their current position. This means more productivity from your employees, and establishes relationships that lead to longer employee retention.

Successful career management

The employment market is highly competitive, so career change and career development at any level or stage of life needs to be carefully managed to achieve the right outcome for the organisation and the individual. Inadequate knowledge, understanding and preparation by either the organisation or individual can result in lost opportunities, frustration and unhappy employees.

Benefits at a Glance

Hudson's Career Management solutions are an invaluable resource for organisations and boast numerous benefits, allowing your business to:

  • Encourage greater internal mobility across your organisation
  • Retain employees by providing a clear, achievable career path
  • Provide a foundation for empowering employees and managers to make career management a formal part of the employment experience
  • Equip employees at any level with the skills to understand their strengths and development areas and self-manage their career

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