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Regardless of industry, size or specialisation, the greatest asset any organisation has is its people. As such, the task of finding, selecting and retaining the best people is paramount in both an organisation’s day-to-day performance as well as the achievement of broader strategic objectives.

Meeting Today's Demands & Tomorrow's Challenges

With insufficient candidates in some disciplines and an oversupply in others, how does an organisation go about attracting, finding, evaluating and finally retaining the very best candidates?

How do you determine if a candidate is likely to develop within your organisation, with the ability to manage the demands of today as well as the potential to grow into positions of higher complexity and influence in the future?

Four Ways to Assess and Select the Best People

Here are four proven ways Hudson can help your organisation assess, select and keep the best people, thereby strengthening organisational capability and reducing staff turnover and its associated costs.

Highest predictor of job performance

Assessment Centres

Using an Assessment Centre will improve your chances of selecting candidates who will be high performing, long-serving employees. There are many other benefits to be gained by adopting an objective, robust, multifaceted approach to assessing competencies, potential and ‘fit’ of all applicants for a position.

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Increase hire quality

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing has become a powerful tool and a proven method of delivering significant business value. Psychometric testing ensures hiring managers select candidates based not only on their skills and experience, but also on their cultural fit and potential for growth.

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Assess anyone, anytime, anywhere

Competency Scan Online

Hudson’s Competency Scan Online (CSO) is a high-performing, user-friendly online test platform that offers great flexibility for optimising the assessment process. A cloud-based testing platform, it enables clients to conduct high volume assessments in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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Select and develop future top talent

Graduate Programs

Large and successful organisations are always in the sights of university graduates. Successful Graduate Programs select only those candidates who have the right combination of skills, capability and motivation, who are most likely to fit your company’s culture and realise their potential for growth.

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Increase the objectivity of selection

Interview Skills Training

Interview skills training delivers stronger outcomes.

Hiring the right people is crucial to any organisation’s continued success, while the cost of hiring the wrong people is widespread, including corrosive impacts on an organisation’s image and reputation. 

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