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360 Degree Feedback

Hudson’s 360-Degree Feedback enables organisations to provide targeted support and gain the maximum return from their training investment

Hudson’s 360-Degree Feedback assists your employees in enhancing their self-knowledge and improving their performance by giving them access to objective responses from a range of critical stakeholders.

Hudson’s tailored 360-Degree Feedback highlights how your employees are perceived to be performing against the requirements of their role, as well as providing insight into their self-awareness and the effectiveness of their working relationships.

Hudson has extensive experience in the provision of a raft of human resource solutions and 360 surveys have long been used as a diagnostic tool to help shape and support these solutions. We have designed and implemented rigorous 360-degree surveys to a wide-ranging client base for well over a decade.

Fast and Accurate Feedback

Hudson uses a leading edge internet-based survey tool, capable of delivering a fast, streamlined survey process. This results in:

  • Reduction of administrative hassles associated with surveying
  • Removal of the need for technical and maintenance support as surveys are hosted on our server
  • Greater trust in confidentiality and therefore richer data
  • Easy monitoring of survey progress
  • Individual reporting to support personal development
  • Group reporting options to highlight broader trends, strengths and development needs
  • The ability to tailor the branding of the online survey and reports

Expertise and Experience

Hudson has a strong team of experienced consultants, which is beneficial when you need credible and valid analysis of the development needs facing your team or organisation.

These consultants have specialist knowledge of survey design and expertise in delivering specific feedback, as well as the ability to provide coaching to participants.

Hudson's Approach

Benefits at a Glance

Hudson's 360-Degree Feedback is an invaluable resource boasting numerous benefits that include allowing you to:

  • Facilitate management of individual careers and performance
  • Improve the effectiveness of leaders
  • Facilitate enhanced career development for high achievers
  • Quickly identify gaps in training so effective solutions can be developed
  • Improve communication, productivity and motivation of individuals and team members
  • Gather data on employee alignment to culture and values that can then be linked to performance ratings

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