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Talent Trends

How much will you have to pay to keep or hire top professionals?

Find out the salaries, pay expectations and hiring challenges for professionals across Asia in Hudson’s latest Talent Trends reports and Salary Guides.


The capabilities that workplace demands are changing. Find out the mix of skills and values that employers are looking for and how to prepare.

Salary Calculator

Our 2017 China salary calculator allows you to search for salaries for different roles across a wide range of professions and industries in China.


Why you might be missing out on the best hires to take your team into the future.

The number one soft skill sought after by Asia Pacific employers was ‘Managing and Driving Change’ according to the latest Hudson Report.


The role of the Agile Coach may have originated in IT, but it’s now in strong demand across other industries as organisations see the benefits of working in an Agile way.


As leaders, sometimes we can become so busy with our heads down, getting things done, that we can forget to look up and see how the world is changing around us.



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