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Who Should I Talk To For Career Advice?

Leverage The Power Of Your Network

Consult with as many people as you can when shaping your career plan
Consult with as many people
as you can when shaping
your career plan

Good advice can come from a variety of people, so consult many when shaping your career plan. Talk to work peers and senior managers. Contact academics and experts in your field of choice. Mine your social network with an attitude of “giving to get”. It is a good idea to offer career advice before asking others for help.

  • Your boss can assist you with career development. He/she can give you a frank appraisal of your job performance, levels of skill, training opportunities, and potential for advancement.
  • Former bosses, senior personnel and project managers can clue you into prospective job opportunities brought about by business and organisational changes.
  • Formal and informal mentors and coaches are well-positioned to help you with goal setting and career planning. As seasoned professionals, their wisdom can help you proceed wisely and avoid missteps.
  • Professional associations offer career advice about the kinds of experience needed for senior roles, and any special qualifications you will need to attain your career goals.
  • The HR and/or training departments can tell you how to best apply for internal job openings, and training and development prospects. Let them know you are interested in taking on more responsibility, and touch base with them on a regular basis.
  • Career Development specialists such as Hudson Talent Management can help you formulate an objective view of whether your current career suits your career goals. Our experienced consultants will help you plan your work goals, and then, work your plan!


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