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Planning Your Career

Cultivate a Conversation

Seek input and advice continuously and create opportunities to do so
Seek input and advice continuously
and create opportunities to do so

When planning your career, seek input and advice from multiple quarters. While research and formal job reviews are helpful, informal explorations of career options work too.

Seek career advice continuously, and create opportunities to do so.

  • Spontaneous talks with friends and work colleagues can shed light on your special skills and strongest talents. Hearing where you really shine can also open your mind to different and new career goals.
  • When scheduling a formal career review, leave at least an hour for career planning and goal setting. An advance email or phone conversation briefly outlining proposed talking points helps longer meetings stay on track.
  • Make the best use of career planning sessions by arriving prepared. Gather and study information on topics you wish to cover before you get there.
  • Actively engage your social network for more casual career counseling. Maintain contacts with people connected to your career choices. You will gain a wealth of firsthand knowledge about your areas of interest, as well as potential opportunities.
  • Before you enroll in training and development programmes, speak with “graduates” of these offerings to hear their thoughts.


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